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Markdown vs MS Word

2020-10-09 Organization

A Comparison


When discussing Markdown, I hear often the “user acceptance” scepticism. Which is a pity since I think Markdown is actually easier than word. In my opinition,it is really necessary to get rid of the big office suites to get efficient processes, as I wrote here recently. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use office apps, but not for tasks you better streamline.

Maybe this list helps to clarify the efficiency and acceptance perception ;)

Write texttype keyboardtype keyboard
Write headingtype #type Alt, R, K, then scroll with cursor to heading
or Select Home Ribbon, then Styles, then find the proper heading. You might need to clear all styles on your paragraph beforehand. For that, select the little arrow in the Styles section and select “clear all” form the list.
Create a bullet pointWrite *Write *, then hope that word auto formatting is not smarter than you and destroys your intention by auto-indention.
Write boldbracket your text in ** **Press Alt, H, 1 before and after the text
or Select Home Ribbon, then Font, then press the B icon. Or double-click the word, then right-click and press the B icon
Write italicsbracket your text in _ _Press Alt, H, 2 before and after the text
or Select Home Ribbon, then Font, then press the I icon. Or double-click the word, then right-click and press the I icon
Include linksWrite [ displayed text ]( the link )write the link. Word converts this automatically. Be very careful that you correct the link if you amend the displayed text, Word doesn’t do this automatically (I still love the story about the christmas party invitation of our company where our secretary inserted xxx . com as a placeholder for the party venue and forgot to correct it later 😂 (Don’t try that link - you can imagine what’s in there)
Include imagesWrite ![ alt text ]( link to image )Select Insert Ribbon, then in Illustrations, select “Picture”. The identify the file in the Explorer and load it.
Modify image appearanceUse CSS styleUse proprietary MS Office functions
Modify LayoutUse CSS styleUse proprietary MS Office functions
Create graphicsUse a meaningful app for it, like draw.ioUse proprietary MS Office functions
Review text and add commentsuse git. Process Participants need a browser or a terminal.use proprietary word features. Process participants must have Microsoft Office
Convert in each otherCopy rendered text and paste to WordPurchase a commerial plugin like (ask me for a dicounted purchase)
Convert to PDFuse git and an automation flow with pandocSave as PDF
And mailings? And Table of contents? And proofing?think about the process and automate what you can, far away from people’s desktopsStart intense learning of proprietry MS Office functions
And VBA …?samestart individual programming in MS Office and manage the efficiency and compliance risks
Select an application to write inany app that reacts to a keyboardWord, Word Online, or clones (might lose some parts in conversion)
Switch to a professional layoutlearn CSS or ask a web designerlearn Microsoft Word Configuration or ask an office expert
Search old contentkeep your content in a git repointroduce an enterprise document management system
Get better at itEmbrace change. Think about how Jeff Bezos would solve your content problemAvoid all that nerd stuff, optimize your layouts and stay cozy in your legacy Office world :)