A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Minetest for our school

Our own Minetest server


We have discovered Minetest! The open source clone of the popular Minecraft game is great for recreating various aspects of the real world in school and thus learning in a playful and very individual way - as you can see on MinetestEducation, this has become an attractive place to go for many young people.

We want to run our own Minetest server, which will thus give us the opportunity not only to explore the game and the worlds within it, but also to further develop our digital concept. So this server will not be run at our school, but virtually in the cloud. This is a first step towards our virtual school operating system, which we will be able to tell you more about soon.

Minetest Digilab

We have built a first learning station on digital technology with Mesecons. These are digital building blocks that simulate computer components within the game. So kids who are interested in technology can assemble virtual computers in the DigiLab. We’ll see how much startup help this takes - presumably the older students will soon take the lead and train the younger ones and the not-so-technical adults - at the same time a nice educational step on leadership ;)

A first extension of the core system is the Minetest Map, which shows all visited areas and allows to set markers at important places.

Mintest Map

I will describe the technical setup in a separate blog post.