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Jam - build your own drop-in audio room

2021-03-26 Learning concept

The first Clubhouse hype wave is over and now you can slowly think about what to do with this social media format and if there are good alternatives.

There are indeed. The other day I discovered on gitlab Jam that provides a very similar function as an open source system. These are single rooms that can be included as a service. I was too lazy this time to do the complete provisioning myself, so I took the hosting offer. Now I can use rooms as plugins with little effort, like here below on this site a plugin that runs in an iframe. The moderator is identified via cookies and can manage the settings of the room.

A moderator can

  • Modify the room settings (logo, name, color scheme, set it as a closed room).
  • Join and leave the room
  • Modify his profile (set the displayed and the Twitter name (must be verified by a post on Twitter), set an avatar image)
  • Send various animated emojis
  • Enter and leave the stage
  • Ask participants to come on stage (they will be audible) and send them back to the audience
  • Make participant a presenter or remove this status again

A member can

  • Enter and leave the room
  • Raise his hand to be allowed on stage
  • Leave the stage
  • Stream your soundfile (the others will only hear when you are on stage)
  • Modify his profile (set the displayed and Twitter name (must be verified by a post on Twitter), set an avatar image).
  • Send various animated emojis.

The maximum speaker count is said to be around 15 (the usual RTC restrictions), the maximum user count in the room is around 30 people.

Very nice, there’s bound to be a lot more going on here…