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Kialo discussions - Leading civilized discussions in the net

2021-04-15 Learning concept

Diskussions, led as it should be.

We all know how many trolls are out there in the social media network, which becomes apparent in the moment where you leave your happy filter bubble. You surely can’t beat all the trolls, so leave them in their reservoir and strive towards a more civilized form of discussion. There must be a little troll in all of us - it is not understandable otherwise that Kialos do not rule the net, every school and every local community debate at least. I think it is a genius tool to bring discussions back where they originated from - a respectful, possibly controversial exchange of arguments with the common goal to examine the topic in question in greater detail for a common better understanding. kialo In my Kialo poster I conceptualized the major elements that constitute the system, the use cases, and the handling of the different roles. The best option is to try it on your own - go to, open an account or join one of the public discussions as reader. Enjoy your first civilized net discussion since long!

Here the overview image again as PDF.