A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools



Wow what a kickoff :) 5 members are in the team - Annie from UK, Ümmühan from Turkey, Théo from France and Rogerio from Portugal appeared one after the other in the video meeting which became an icon so quick in these times. 5 countries, 3 timezones, no pre-approved business plan nor a motivational speech - and yet we managed after a short intrductionary round to jump right into the topic of our hackathon project - solidifying and extending the inital idea of a “programmed whiteboard” that allows students and their mates, mentors, and parents, to collaborate or at least participate in the student’s learn path. The team members have many different motives to attend - the reflection of own learning, the fascination of structuring information, the son who has to learn from home for quite a time, the university studies about interaction design. We find nevertheless quickly and a good way to work together.

We walked through the initial layout, which contains free-form, scrapebook-like areas for dreaming, collecting and sorting, a collaborative corner for mentor and mate teams, and the parental “deploy button” which gives concerned parents the view they want without compromising the students’ privacy. An import building block is the time traveler, a slider which allows to scroll back in time and see how the path looked like in the past.

And the fun fact - not a single developer showed up in this hackathon project :) Perfectly fine for me - the life experience of the memebers is so much more important than bit&byte implementation discussions at this stage! So I will do some background work to make this idea reality later on…

A good start today, let’s welcome tomorrow!