A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools



We have already discussed use cases and also some processes for our emerging platform and created an MVP from these. What I was still missing as a starting point for the implementation: a management concept that fits to our ideas and that can be flexibly adapted to our needs. Scrum classic is too heavy and too nerdy for students, and we have different cycles compared to a normal software development project. And tadaa - suddenly lernOS appears! Strictly speaking this means that it has been around for a few years, but I didn’t know about it before. lernOS is also an Open Source project. Here’s the founder Simon Dückert:

lernOS can help you to make yourself fit for the 21st century. lernOS helps you to organise your activities and to learn consciously from every action. It also promotes networking with other people so that you don’t have to reinvent every wheel and repeat every mistake.

A perfect fit - same mindset, with its modular design and the possibility to adapt it to our needs. That helps us a lot, thank you very much! If you want to have a look yourself, you can find more information here. Otherwise, the concept will be seen more often at selfscrum in the near future.