A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools



Some machinery got upset yesterday by the temporary breakdown of the hackathon submission system - we got notice that the first checkin point of our mentor is not 10am but 2pm. Also fine, leaves some more time for breakfast and morning coffee. We start in the late morning, team increased by Ümran who brought a friend.

The start is slow but we gain momentum. Théo our interaction design expert conjures up diagram after diagram, and some really helpful templates. So we quickly fill in personas, identify relationship and sharpen our understanding of the domain, which is getting more complicated than exprected. Creating guiding software for open processes is not easy!

We identify and prioritize import process interactions between the participants of these learning processes, and ignore the found priorities afterwards - we want to dive into the planning part of the process. But an extended break first - so much video conferencing needs some longer breaks.

This is now getting really tricky - a lot of foundational questions about what a plan actually is are coming up, and keep us from jumping straight into the prototyping phase. We finish with some tooling and a little plan about tomorrow, pass checkpoint 2 with Rus, and call it a day. Good night!