A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

How it all begins



We founded an open school two years ago, and educate students how to plan their learning paths, which they have to do themselves in our school. Since we don’t prescribe any formal curriculum, and don’t do tests or assessments, most of the existing management school software is not usable for us. This is especially true in the current situation where pupils have to stay home.

We think that the learner is the owner of his/her learning path, and as such has to have the possibilty to learn how to manage it. This should be done with the help of mentors, be it remote or together in personal settings.

What it does

The tool allows students and their mentors to flexibly define their learning paths, plan their next steps, assess their success, and connect with other people/teams if needed. We want to have maxiumum freedom of usage while providing the school/learnhub the chance to manage the overall process.

Two thoughts led to the design idea we follow:

  • I think it is not a good idea to build form-based web-app #1,342,495. It is the student’s learn path after all, so why should we prescribe how the software he uses looks like?

  • time constraints during the hackathon - do we really want to spend 90% of the tiem building standard user interface components?

So, it becomes be a miro app. (provides access for the hackathon, too), is a whiteboard/postit app like others, but with an excellent opportunity to integrate own code with the frontend.

The following use cases we support in this first version of selfscrum:

  • create a plan together with your mentor (joint editing of a timeline with milestones and a story backlog)
  • do a daily standup together with your mentor and/or a project team (quick review where you stand and what’s next).
  • work on a task (trello-like kanban management)
  • do a sprint demo of what you achieved with your mentor and other persons you invite (video conferencing included)
  • assess and document your progress together with your mentor
  • time travel review your learning history along a journey into the past (and maybe the future)

How we built it

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Challenges we ran into

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Accomplishments that we are proud of

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What we learned

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What’s next for selfscrum

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Built With

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