A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Selfscrum - What is it?


First definition of SELFSCRUM, created during the hackathon. In the meantime we have developed quite a bit, see About Us.

During the #EUvsVirus hackathon or when talking with friends about my new passion project, I more often than not get the blank stare in the face of my coutnerpart that signals me that I got lost in space, and not everyone else. So I will try to explain here what Selfscrum is and how we are planning to do good in the world of schooling or, better, learning (which are not synonyms.)

What happened before

I am a visual thinker - I work best when I have a scribbling board or better a digital drawing pad in front of me. It is an essential tool to relate items I found and which I have to digest to make sense for me from the piles of information around me. I wrote about that process earlier but didn’t put too much emphasis on the topologial aspect then.

Selfscrum is going to heal that. I envisioned the digital whiteboard metapher as the user interface for a learning management when reflecting on my personal routine as described above. “Imagine if I could live my learning process not only for myself, but also in a context of a learning community”, I asked mayself.

What would happen if other people didn’t only join my network but my experiences and my stored thoughts as well? And what could happen in a school when children would be able to explain their teachers what they are really interested in? (not to mention the idea that we built a school that trains teachers to find out exactly that.)

This was the moment where selfscrum was born, even though without name yet. I did some scribbling (of course), and some investigation how to implement that idea.

I won’t describe the selection process here. It ended with, a platform with an appealing user interface AND the possibility of technical integration as I need it.

So, what is it?

I hear your feet tapping! tldr; syndrome! Ok, we’re nearly there! So, what is it? What differentiates Selfscrum from

It is the added value by the components that bring life into the whiteboard. You get all miro plus learning-related add-ons.

First but not unimportant at least for younger children, you get a friendly start screen: selfscrum_startscreen

These cute bubbles indicate to which area of the whiteboard you are about to be transferred. e.g. you can go into your “ideas” corner, or to the teacher video conference line. If you have already goals defined, you might end up in a dedicated project whiteboard where you manage your tasks and your progress.

All nicely moveable, not hard forms or grids, except for the tidy-up button that allows you to bring order into your own creative chaos.

Then, you have additional elements that you can drag into your whiteboard, which might have a special behaviour. For example, the semester learning plan note. Or the teacher video hotline note, where you can start a video conference.

And then, when you have activated an instance of that note in the whiteboard, you might see additional commands in the menu panel, which allow you to start special activities, like an invitation to the planning meeting. You can think of that as a workflow initiator.

The difference to a workflow is: we have the competence to design human-friendly workflows that are not intrusive but helping. Not automation and cost-cutting is our goal but support, guidance and motivation to think and to connect.


What an ugly name is Selfscrum?

It’s not a beauty but I like it. It was created last, after the first hackathon kickoff meeting was already over, and my creative energy was low. I like that it doesn’t snug in nicely, good occasion for new thoughts. We will see which role scrum plays in those processes later on, when we discuss school organization.

Where do I get help if I want to change?

In reality, tools can’t save you. It’s only you. But we can help you if you search for exchange, inspiration or want to try to improve your school processes.

Just contact us. We have lots of experience in creating schools, urban design, software development, business management, physics, and Interaction design. And, some real children in the background that can explain you what they want from teachers. We speak at least 6 european languages, and are available within the 3 time zones. that constitute the EU.

How can I use that in my school?

Easy: get an miro account, get the plugin, start - then the change can begin. We are happy to help in that process. Wait for additional explanatory pages here on the web site.

Can I participate?

Sure, give us a shout! Investors and frontend developers with a charity streak can call 24/7 :D

Do you have references?

You kidding? We’re still in the early planning… but wait: actually yes, there is that small school that we founded, so they were a driver for developing the ideas, and they are waiting for it to come to life…

Stay tuned for more ;)