Expert from the beginning

What kind of image do you have when you hear the word “Expert”?

Do you think of smart but often unworldly people, often in white coats, who are bombarded with questions by journalists and give incomprehensible answers?

Or do you think of experts as people who are a guiding star for you, because they represent what you would like to achieve, and whom you would like to follow with like-minded people?

Do you feel yourself as an expert and if so, to which category do you belong?

There is so much knowledge in the world as never before, and it has become so easily accessible - anyone can reach it. This also has a downside: there is too much knowledge, and we are all overloaded with the flood of data that is crashing down on us. What it takes is awareness - taking a special interest in a particular subject and be willing to expand it, refine it and bring it to the world.

Today, true experts must be able to do many things - acquire in-depth knowledge in one or more fields, be able to put it to practical use, be visible with their expertise, inspire other people, and exchange their knowledge.

Expert processes

To make it short - Learning processes! Community Learning has little to do with learning as we still find it in schools and companies.

Today, everyone can be an expert and gather people around him or her, who are enthusiastic about a topic, find new insights and apply them. It requires not only specialist knowledge but also courage, empathy, reflection and the willingness to find one’s way in ever new constellations.

You too can learn this, and best of all in a self-determined way :) Start today and put your expert knowledge into motion!

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