A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Kialo discussions - Leading civilized discussions in the net

2021-04-15 Learning concept
Diskussions, led as it should be. We all know how many trolls are out there in the social media network, which becomes apparent in the moment where you leave your happy filter bubble. You surely can’t beat all the trolls, so leave them in their reservoir and strive towards a more civilized form of discussion. There must be a little troll in all of us - it is not understandable otherwise that Kialos do not rule the net, every school and every local community debate at least. Continue reading

LearningExpedition - Learning together in an agile way

2021-04-06 Learning concept
Learning to Learn. In our conceptual work, we notice again and again the difficulty of selecting and condensing from the abundance of information material which is actually available at any given moment. Too many distractions lead always to new discoveries and turn learning paths into labyrinths rather than goal-oriented projects. This is just as true for students as it is for learning facilitators and in the conceptual work for our innovative learning concepts. Continue reading

Jam - build your own drop-in audio room

2021-03-26 Learning concept
The first Clubhouse hype wave is over and now you can slowly think about what to do with this social media format and if there are good alternatives. There are indeed. The other day I discovered on gitlab Jam that provides a very similar function as an open source system. These are single rooms that can be included as a service. I was too lazy this time to do the complete provisioning myself, so I took the hosting offer. Continue reading

Minetest for our school

Our own Minetest server . We have discovered Minetest! The open source clone of the popular Minecraft game is great for recreating various aspects of the real world in school and thus learning in a playful and very individual way - as you can see on MinetestEducation, this has become an attractive place to go for many young people. We want to run our own Minetest server, which will thus give us the opportunity not only to explore the game and the worlds within it, but also to further develop our digital concept. Continue reading