A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Markdown vs MS Word

2020-10-09 Organization
A Comparison . When discussing Markdown, I hear often the “user acceptance” scepticism. Which is a pity since I think Markdown is actually easier than word. In my opinition,it is really necessary to get rid of the big office suites to get efficient processes, as I wrote here recently. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use office apps, but not for tasks you better streamline. Maybe this list helps to clarify the efficiency and acceptance perception ;) Continue reading

Designing Digital Concept Workshops

2020-07-12 Organization
We do not invent and test our concepts in a vacuum, but in connection with the development of the alternative school Freie Schule Ostfriesland. As we are about to expand the school for secondary schooling, there is a lot to think about and organise. In addition, due to fluctuation of active association members, some “onboarding activities” are pending, i.e. knowledge carriers disappear and new ones new introductions. For this reason, we have arranged an all-day kick-off meeting with the concept team for the project this weekend, which should enable us to translate our high school vision into tangible work templates and guidelines. Continue reading