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Learn Self-determined Learning

Find your best skills and learn with others online and worldwide, supervised by certified learning coaches.

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Self-determined Learning

Get the knowledge that really gets you ahead

Are you tired of standard lesson plans? We can understand that. There are so many interesting questions in the world, we don’t need an assembly line program. We plan your goals with you and help you achieve them - per semester and per week. Learning happens automatically with the things that are important to you.


Online Program

Say hello to your learning community

Find the topics that really interest you. Maybe one of our mini-challenges fits? Or you want to start a learning circle yourself? Each group is accompanied by a trained learning coach.


Target Group

Inclusion inclusive

Have you ever met two people who were 100% the same? Probably not. Then why should learning be 100% the same? Everyone has their own needs, goals and desires. With us, you can be who you are. And if you need special help, we are happy to support you. This automatically makes us inclusive.


Learning Format

Find your own diversity

Online learning doesn’t just mean video conferencing. Our challenges are as diverse as our learners. The learning groups meet regularly online and then work very differently - alone, in groups, with materials or outside.


Learn Self-determined Learning

Whether in free school or as a self-learner:
Online and global, from 8 years on towards your personal skill set.

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