A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools


We have already discussed use cases and also some processes for our emerging platform and created an MVP from these. What I was still missing as a starting point for the implementation: a management concept that fits to our ideas and that can be flexibly adapted to our needs. Scrum classic is too heavy and too nerdy for students, and we have different cycles compared to a normal software development project. Continue reading


We are happy and proud that we have been named finalist today :) Our submission video is here!

Selfscrum - What is it?

First definition of SELFSCRUM, created during the hackathon. In the meantime we have developed quite a bit, see About Us. During the #EUvsVirus hackathon or when talking with friends about my new passion project, I more often than not get the blank stare in the face of my coutnerpart that signals me that I got lost in space, and not everyone else. So I will try to explain here what Selfscrum is and how we are planning to do good in the world of schooling or, better, learning (which are not synonyms. Continue reading


It was not easy to crawl out of bed this morning. And the start of our little project is tough, we circle around different options how to proceed. After the first break, Rogerio creates the breakthrough by asking to work for himself. This terminates the peer pressure and everyone can start creating the assets he or she can do best. We now quickly develop the pattern how to work proceses, how the screens should loke like for them, and how the overall assembly can work. Continue reading


Some machinery got upset yesterday by the temporary breakdown of the hackathon submission system - we got notice that the first checkin point of our mentor is not 10am but 2pm. Also fine, leaves some more time for breakfast and morning coffee. We start in the late morning, team increased by Ümran who brought a friend. The start is slow but we gain momentum. Théo our interaction design expert conjures up diagram after diagram, and some really helpful templates. Continue reading


Wow what a kickoff :) 5 members are in the team - Annie from UK, Ümmühan from Turkey, Théo from France and Rogerio from Portugal appeared one after the other in the video meeting which became an icon so quick in these times. 5 countries, 3 timezones, no pre-approved business plan nor a motivational speech - and yet we managed after a short intrductionary round to jump right into the topic of our hackathon project - solidifying and extending the inital idea of a “programmed whiteboard” that allows students and their mates, mentors, and parents, to collaborate or at least participate in the student’s learn path. Continue reading

How it all begins

Inspiration We founded an open school two years ago, and educate students how to plan their learning paths, which they have to do themselves in our school. Since we don’t prescribe any formal curriculum, and don’t do tests or assessments, most of the existing management school software is not usable for us. This is especially true in the current situation where pupils have to stay home. We think that the learner is the owner of his/her learning path, and as such has to have the possibilty to learn how to manage it. Continue reading
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