A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Minetest for our school

Our own Minetest server . We have discovered Minetest! The open source clone of the popular Minecraft game is great for recreating various aspects of the real world in school and thus learning in a playful and very individual way - as you can see on MinetestEducation, this has become an attractive place to go for many young people. We want to run our own Minetest server, which will thus give us the opportunity not only to explore the game and the worlds within it, but also to further develop our digital concept. Continue reading

Markdown vs MS Word

2020-10-09 Organization
A Comparison . When discussing Markdown, I hear often the “user acceptance” scepticism. Which is a pity since I think Markdown is actually easier than word. In my opinition,it is really necessary to get rid of the big office suites to get efficient processes, as I wrote here recently. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use office apps, but not for tasks you better streamline. Maybe this list helps to clarify the efficiency and acceptance perception ;) Continue reading

Nextcloud hosted in Germany

Motivation . Nextcloud as a communication solution is waiting in my backlog for a long time. Again and again something else came up - now I have a real use case. The Git for Kids Learning Circle has started for the first time and apart from zoom, it doesn’t really have a communication platform yet. What could be more obvious than to finally test Nextcloud? In view of the latest data protection legislation, it has also become clear once again that we have to move, we as consumers of the large platforms. Continue reading

Git for Kids

2020-09-06 Education
Git More and more Markdown and Git are appearing outside the developer community. Markdown is easy to learn by design, but Git is only understandable once the idea behind it has become clear and you have learned your options for the most common use cases. There are now many convenient tools for this purpose, but without knowing the basic principle, it remains hokey. Learn Git Therefore the idea was born to create a learning circle that deals with the topic “Git learning”. Continue reading

Designing Digital Concept Workshops

2020-07-12 Organization
We do not invent and test our concepts in a vacuum, but in connection with the development of the alternative school Freie Schule Ostfriesland. As we are about to expand the school for secondary schooling, there is a lot to think about and organise. In addition, due to fluctuation of active association members, some “onboarding activities” are pending, i.e. knowledge carriers disappear and new ones new introductions. For this reason, we have arranged an all-day kick-off meeting with the concept team for the project this weekend, which should enable us to translate our high school vision into tangible work templates and guidelines. Continue reading

Online workshops with

Spoiler: yotribe is new, slim and against all expectations very relaxed to use. The fact that it can currently be tested for free is an additional bonus. How it starts The whole thing starts with an “application mail” from the provider. Not everyone is admitted immediately, you get on a waiting list with an alarmingly high waiting number. yotribe cunningly promises faster processing if you invite 3 friends as well. As a multi-account holder no problem - 2-3 days later comes the redeeming start link. Continue reading

Community has opened

“It takes a village to raise a child” - and a community to create a project. According to this motto we are now one step further in education - since the beginning of the week our Online Community is up and running, which was founded with the aim to make SELFSCRUM an open operating system for open learning. It’s quite an extension of the original idea, which was obviously focused on the use of software. Continue reading
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