A Learning and Operating System for Alternative Schools

Kialo discussions - Leading civilized discussions in the net

2021-04-15 Learning concept
Diskussions, led as it should be. We all know how many trolls are out there in the social media network, which becomes apparent in the moment where you leave your happy filter bubble. You surely can’t beat all the trolls, so leave them in their reservoir and strive towards a more civilized form of discussion. There must be a little troll in all of us - it is not understandable otherwise that Kialos do not rule the net, every school and every local community debate at least. Continue reading

LearningExpedition - Learning together in an agile way

2021-04-06 Learning concept
Learning to Learn. In our conceptual work, we notice again and again the difficulty of selecting and condensing from the abundance of information material which is actually available at any given moment. Too many distractions lead always to new discoveries and turn learning paths into labyrinths rather than goal-oriented projects. This is just as true for students as it is for learning facilitators and in the conceptual work for our innovative learning concepts. Continue reading

Jam - build your own drop-in audio room

2021-03-26 Learning concept
The first Clubhouse hype wave is over and now you can slowly think about what to do with this social media format and if there are good alternatives. There are indeed. The other day I discovered on gitlab Jam that provides a very similar function as an open source system. These are single rooms that can be included as a service. I was too lazy this time to do the complete provisioning myself, so I took the hosting offer. Continue reading

Lua Controller Programming

2021-03-08 Minetest
Lua controllers offer a great opportunity: you can program them in-game so that you can build systems, process events, and control switching outputs or other digital devices. Lua controllers are, as the name suggests, programmed in Lua, which is the language in which Minetest itself is also largely written. The controllers provide 4 inputs and outputs (port A to D). The inputs can be reacted to via event control, the outputs can be set to true or false, i. Continue reading

Don't lose track - the map of Minetest

2021-03-06 Minetest
Use the Mapserver Mod. If you play in Minetest, you will soon notice that the world is quite big. To be exact, 61839 * 61839 * 61839 nodes big. Thus, a discovery tour can become also sometimes an odyssey, if one does not find the way back any more. The easiest way out is “to die”, because then you resurrect at the starting point of the game. This can be achieved, for example, by staying under water for a longer time or by crashing from a higher altitude while flying. Continue reading

Minetest Server - (not quite) automatic setup

2021-02-27 Minetest
As described recently, we are now using Minetest at school. To make the operation secure on the one hand, and stable and reasonably efficient on the other, we have opted for a (partially) automated solution. At Hetzner-Cloud, where we get cheap servers, the machine runs in a CX41 configuration. Data backup takes place in the Open Telekom Cloud, because there is inexpensive mass storage there for archiving purposes. The installation itself is mostly automated, only the last 10% has to be done manually - mainly managing the keys and starting the configuration playbooks. Continue reading

Home Office Video IT

2021-02-14 Business
The virtual workplace is quite real . For me, the Corona period didn’t bring much new in terms of work - even before that I worked from home a lot, occasionally in video conferences, mostly via conference calls and screen sharing. However, the boom of Zoom and comparable other systems like Teams, Jitsi, BigBlueButton has changed communication in the meantime. Only rarely do people still make phone calls, most of the time they chat right away via video call. Continue reading
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